Neighborhood Watch

When I originally moved to Grand Mission, I had a neighbor that conducted international business. His company had a business unit in Qatar, and he would spend at least 2 weeks out of each month in the Middle East. His elderly mother lived
with him, along with his wife and kids. I also lived next door to my section's block captain, Donald Smith. Upon his return from a Qatari excursion, our neighbor came over to thank Donald. The neighbor told Donald that his mother was initially apprehensive about movie
to such a large city and was always anxious when he was away, but that the nice man across the street (Donald) seemed to "keep an eye on things" and this made her feel safe. This is the true embodiment of the neighborhood watch. That neighbor has since moved away and in
January, Donald went home to be with the Lord.

However, the lasting impact of that statement was not lost on me. Safety and the feeling of security is the true reason that communities exist. When our ancestors gathered to form the first communities it wasn't to pool resources, it was to remain
safe. A few weeks ago, I posted a message on Nextdoor about the benefits of the Neighborhood Watch program and it was met with resistance. While one well-meaning neighbor felt that people should just buy guns or dogs for the sake of safety,
another felt that it just leads to community exclusion or profiling. I fully support all means of safety, but I think they missed the point.

The Neighborhood Watch is about crime prevention without lifting a finger. It gives us a community of 2600 sets of eyes. those sets of eyes are always there, because they live here. Who better to say "this seems out of place" than the person who
resides there? this simple notion prevents crime from occurring. The Neighborhood Watch isn't about vigilantism. We are not the police, nor are we acting as our own security force. Most importantly, the Neighborhood Watch is about maintaining
our safe environment. Grand Mission is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Greater Houston area. We boast an exceptionally low crime rate. Our goal is to remain that way, and with each of your help we can.

Please join the meetings. Please join discussions on Nextdoor. If you see something that seems "out of place", please report it to the FBCSO non-emergency number, 281-341-4665. Most importantly, be safe and be kind to one another.

Ladies Club

Grand Mission Ladies Club was organized in the summer of 2017 as a community driven social club that exists to provide fellowship through social gatherings and to encourage the involvement of women within Grand Mission.

To date our focus is to welcome all ladies from our community and to encourage friendships through participation in a variety of social and service activities. Some of the activities we have planned and participated in include the following:

  • Monthly meetings and social events are held the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Grand Mission Clubhouse.
    Taco Tuesday – breakfast tacos, coffee and juice are handed out to Grand Mission residents during several months of the year.
    Yard of the Month during the summer & fall months.
    Holiday decorating contest over the Christmas holidays.
    The Welcome Wagon distributes greeting bags to new residents.
    Partnered with The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce in their event Fort Bend Recovers … With Creativity in their “The Harvey Experience” in August 2018. We not only held crafting events at the Grand Mission Clubhouse but also helped with
    the set up of the event at Constellation Field.
    A Salute to Veterans on Veterans Day – Coffee and Pastries were served as well as photos being posted at the clubhouse in honor of our resident veterans.
    Food Drive over the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays.
    Trunk or Treat, a Halloween event held in the parking lot of the Grand Mission Clubhouse aimed at providing a safe place for the young ones to dress up in their best costumes, hang out and collect Halloween goodies.
    Family Potlucks held quarterly at the Grand Mission Clubhouse.
    Lunch Bunch monthly on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
    Coffee & Crafts the 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at the Grand Mission Clubhouse.
    Monthly Road Trips - George Bush Library, Bluebonnet Festival & More to come
    And … We are not done yet! We have several events that are currently in the works for year 2019 including “Muffins with Mom”, a Mother’s Day event, “Donuts with Dad”, a Father’s Day event, Craft Fair & Bake Sale, construction and placement of
    book repositories in select areas within Grand Mission.
  • Ladies, please come join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 7 p.m. at the Grand Mission Clubhouse.

We, as the Grand Mission Ladies Club, want to hear people saying Grand Mission subdivision is not just a good place to live but a GREAT place to live because of all the activities and events that take place within Grand Mission …
Just imagine what we can achieve!!! Grand Mission Ladies Club can be reached at